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Which Carpet Cleaning Method is the Best?
Mar 19,2021

Which Carpet Cleaning Method is the Best?

There are several carpet cleaning methods out there, from carpet shampooing to dry steam cleaning, hot water extraction and many more. Try not to get too overwhelmed; they mostly refer to the same thing; eliminating dirt and stains from your carpet. Some methods are more effective than others, so it is important you know exactly which method you want to use when consulting professional cleaners. Be wary of cleaning companies that use generic or vague terms. Clearly state the method you want and ask for a detailed explanation on how the method works, so you’ll be sure you are getting just what you want.

The most popular and effective carpet cleaning method is the hot water extraction cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners highly recommend it as it penetrates your carpet and deeply cleans all forms of dirt and contamination. Selecting the most suitable method of carpet cleaning is highly dependent on the kind of carpet that is to be cleaned. For instance, as effective a method as hot water extraction is, it could become very harmful for fibre carpet types like jute or sisal. The fibres of the jute carpet are far more delicate than they look and could get ruined by the steam.

What is Hot Water Extraction Cleaning?

Hot water extraction cleaning involves the use of hot water combined with cleaning agents at very high pressure. It is pressed into the carpet, and the used water is extracted into another tank by means of a strong vacuum cleaner—the process is repeated across the whole carpet. The heat emanating from the steam allows for deep-rooted dirt, tough stains and microbes to be removed and the vacuum sucks it out, leaving your carpet neat and fresh.

It doesn’t leave particles on your carpet, and it can successfully eliminate all unpleasant odour your carpet might have. The hot water extraction cleaning also gets rid of dust mites, allergens, fungi or mildew that may be hiding in your carpet and causing allergies. Environment-friendly and beneficial health-wise, this method remains the best way to clean your carpet effectively.

Other Carpet Cleaning Methods

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

    This method makes use of a steam cleaner that gives off light steam on the carpet, which makes the dirt in the carpet loose. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work well for carpets with soft surfaces as the dirt cannot be cleaned easily. It works better for hard-surfaced carpets or a lightly stained one. It doesn’t yield the same results as hot water extraction cleaning and should not be mistaken for it.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

    This cleaning method involves the use of a unique powder that is applied to the carpet surface and is vacuumed out after a short while. The powder particles act as a kind of sponge and soak in the dirt. After 15 minutes, the powder along with the dirt is vacuumed out, and your carpet is left clean and free of dirt. The dry carpet cleaning method is best when you need a swift cleaning. It is the ideal method for public places where the carpet has to be in use all day. Also, it the best alternative for fibre carpets like jute, sea-grass or coir whose materials get easily damaged if subjected to liquids in large quantity.

  • Carpet Shampooing

    This is not the same as hot water extraction cleaning as some people erroneously think. It involves the use of rotating brushes to clean the carpet, and it does not produce the same result as hot water extraction cleaning. Rotating brushes could have adverse effects on fibre carpet types, and if it not handled by a professional, it could leave particles on the carpet after cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the nature of the hot water extraction cleaning method, there are several questions people ask about it. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Are carpet cleaning chemicals safe for pets and children?

Yes, they are. A London based carpet cleaner make use of environment-friendly carpet cleaning agents in cleaning solution for the hot water extraction method. they are well aware that children and pets should not be exposed to chemical remnants on the carpet as this could give rise to allergies or rashes, considering how often they play on the ground. they take utmost care in ensuring the safety of your household, and so we do not use harsh or harmful chemicals. It is essential to state that we use effective carpet cleaning products, especially for homes with children and pets around as there is a higher possibility of the carpet absorbing more dirt due to spills, minor accidents, dirty paws etc.

How long does it take the carpet to dry after hot water extraction cleaning method?

The length of time it takes for a carpet to dry depends on different factors. Carpet type, the relative humidity of the room, temperature and airflow are some of them. Opening the windows to increase airflow and turning up your heating are a few ways to get your carpet dried faster. The average time is often between 2-4 hours for your carpet to become completely dry.

You don’t have to worry about walking on your carpet after cleaning; we provide free plastic footwear for that. Do not forget to wait until your carpet is completely dry before placing any heavy furniture on it.

What carpet sizes do you clean?

We provide cleaning services for carpets of different sizes from a small-sized carpet to large carpets for the whole house. We also offer cleaning services to commercial properties.

We are a carpet cleaning company that provides various carpet cleaning services. We highly recommend the use of hot water extraction method for cleaning your carpet. It is the most effective method of carpet cleaning, and we would love nothing else but for your carpet to be clean and feel new. Reach out to us to find out all about our carpet cleaning services and how best we can be of assistance to you.