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How to Know If Steam Cleaning or Shampooing Is Suitable for You
Sep 06,2021

How to Know If Steam Cleaning or Shampooing Is Suitable for You

Ever wondered which professional carpet method is ideal for you? Have you thought of using either steam cleaning or carpet shampooing to clean your carpet? Yes, both methods have their pros and cons, but you must weigh your options before you conclude. To make the best choice, you need to contact professionals like a London based carpet cleaning company for help.

If you are having a hard time picking the best method suitable for cleaning the carpet, you should know that shampooing and steam cleaning are some of the best methods. However, making that choice is not an easy task. While steam cleaning is more effective than shampooing, shampooing is mostly used when you are engaged in deep cleaning of a big carpet or if the stains on the carpet are so much. Otherwise, steam cleaning is usually the best option.

Which is better, shampooing or steam cleaning?

Both shampooing and steam cleaning have their benefits and disadvantages; there is a debate about people making a choice. Some people may wonder why it is so difficult to make the best choice, but the truth is that it is a lot more complicated than it seems.

Shampooing is mainly used when cleaning a deeply soiled carpet – it works by soaking up the dirt. The bad side to shampooing the carpet is that it takes longer to dry. On the other hand, steam cleaning disinfects the carpet but is not suitable for removing dirt and debris. Learning about each of the methods will help you make your choice.

Carpet shampooing

When you hear the word ‘shampoo’, the thing that probably comes to your mind is foam and cleaning product. A carpet shampoo is a cleaning method that provides a foamy cleaning agent. The shampoo loosens the dirt that has formed a bond with the carpet fibres. With the aid of a cleaning machine, the fibres are agitated, and the dirt is broken down even more. Also, stubborn stains are removed as a result of scrubbing.

After cleaning, the carpet is rinsed with fresh water and dried. To prevent mould formation on the carpet, you should ensure that the carpet is properly dried and moisture removed.

Pros and cons of carpet shampooing

While shampooing is a very effective way to get rid of stains, it may not be perfect, especially for some people. Like everything that has a good side, there are bad sides or cons to shampooing carpets. The pros and cons include the following;


  1. It removes dirt that is embedded in the carpet
  2. It is very effective for cleaning heavily soiled carpets
  3. It removes stains that have penetrated the carpet fibres


  1. If too much water is used, it can damage the carpet
  2. It requires the use of large machines, and these can be very expensive
  3. It leaves the carpet wet for 24 - 48 hours

Carpet steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a much more effective method than the conventional bucket and mop method. Unlike the other cleaning methods, it is unique, as it only requires water and heat to clean the carpets. The high temperature and pressure of the water make it easy for dirt in the carpet to be broken down and lifted. Bear in mind that this method also removes mildew spores. After the cleaning process, the water is released and sucked back along with the dirt. Because it uses minimum moisture, the drying time for the carpet is shorter.

Pros and cons of carpet steam cleaning

The pros of steam cleaning outweigh the cons, but this does not mean that they are not present. The pros and cons include;


  1. It eliminates pests and destroys the eggs
  2. It kills about 99.9% of bacteria and germs
  3. It uses less moisture; thus, the drying time is reduced
  4. It does not require the use of chemicals for cleaning


  1. It is not meant for heavily soiled carpets
  2. The stains would have to be treated before steam cleaning
  3. It does not remove debris
  4. The cost is higher than other conventional methods

Comparison between shampooing and steam cleaning

Carpet shampooing

Steam cleaning

It does not require hot water; thus, it does not eliminate germs and allergens

The high temperature of the water  kills the bacteria, germs and allergens, and also disinfects the carpet

The shampoo contains chemicals and may need other cleaning agents as well

It requires only heat and water; this makes it an all-natural method

It can get rid of the pests sometimes but not their eggs

It kills the pest as well as their eggs

It leaves behind chemical residue

It does not leave behind any residue, as only hot vapour is used

Because it uses so much water, drying times are between 24 – 48 hours or even longer

Drying time is less since only limited water and steam is used

From the comparison, it appears that steam cleaning is more effective and a more suitable option for carpet cleaning. However, this does not mean that you should not shampoo your carpets when they are deeply soiled.

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