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Guide to Different Carpet cleaning Methods
Apr 27,2021

Guide to Different Carpet cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning has gained immense popularity over the years and there are different techniques to select for all your cleaning requirements. But all carpet cleaning procedures do not ensure to deliver the same results.

Are you thinking to hire the services of a professional cleaner? If yes, then it is important to know more about different procedures used and any differences between them. Keep reading to discover more about each procedure so that you can take an informed decision when hiring the services of a good cleaner.

What is carpet shampooing?

It means applying the shampoo on your carpet that foams up just like regular shampoo when worked in the carpet fibres.

How will carpet shampooing work?

The professional will apply a special solution on the carpet at the time of cleaning, either through hand or machine, and the shampoo will be applied into the carpet through the air compressor or by the rotating bristle brush. This helps to lift dirt completely from the top layer of your carpet. The shampoo will be left to take effect for a certain time before getting vacuumed up.

What are the results of carpet shampooing?

Carpet shampooing isn’t that effective in removing dirt from beneath the surface and most machines don’t achieve higher temperature needed for extracting the stains and debris completely.

What is hot water extraction?

In this method, there is a special machine used for cleaning deep into the carpet pile through detergent and hot water.

How will hot water extraction work?

This is usually done with either a large unit having a hose or a portable appliance which uses detergent diluted with hot water on the carpet. It will be sucking the entire solution through vacuum mechanism of your machine.

What are the results of hot water extraction?

The results of this method may differ for cleaning deep into the fibers of your carpet but the cool temperature is not that effective for removing dirt.

What is steam carpet cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning applies the power of hot steam for removing dirt as well as impurities from the carpets. It is much more powerful than hot water extraction procedure.

How does steam carpet cleaning work?

The method uses a specialised machine that works similarly like hot water extraction for forming the steam. The solution which is being used for cleaning carpets will be vacuumed up later.

What are the results of steam carpet cleaning?

The use of proper detergents and hot temperatures ensure steam cleaning will remove unwanted dirt from the carpets. You can use professional equipment for lessening the drying time.

What is dry carpet cleaning?

Also called waterless carpet cleaning, the method involves almost little to no moisture and chemicals are used for cleaning the carpet.

How does dry carpet cleaning work?

Professional solvents and cleaning agents are mixed together and then scattered over the carpet. The powder is worked into the fibres through a machine and left to set on carpet for a certain time before getting vacuumed up.

What are the results of dry carpet cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning is a convenient process as there is no drying time needed. It helps in cleaning the soil surface and can be completed soon.

Thus, you may hire carpet cleaner and get rid of stains and dirt completely.