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Mattress Cleaning in London

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Mattress cleaning is a non-negotiable duty that's very much needed for the health of the mattress. However, most people either don't know this, or they choose to ignore it completely. A lot of people have a strong belief that covering up their mattresses with clean and vibrant-coloured sheets is complete assurance of excellent mattress hygiene. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

An unclean mattress houses a lot of things innately from dirt and bacteria to bodily fluids; these things pile up in the deepest parts of the mattress at night. To get rid of such ingrained germs, a professional cleaning service like Carpet Cleaner London is needed. DIY methods aren't always effective as they could create more issues and spoil your mattress inevitably.

Here is a step by step guide on how we do our jobs impeccably.

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Inspection of the mattress

We start out by inspecting the mattress carefully and checking for stains and smells. Using our modern and state of the art cleaning equipment, we rid your mattress of stains and smells in minutes.


All dirt and particles evident on the surface of the mattress are vacuumed easily without causing damage to the mattress or the fabric and leaving it spotless and clean.

Sanitisation of the mattress

After vacuuming, the mattress is then sanitised and sprayed with cleaning agents designed to exterminate bacteria, mites, bugs and all other unwanted dirt on the surface of the mattress. After spraying, the mattress is left to dry, giving the cleaning agent time to seep slowly through and do a thorough cleanup.

Hot Steaming

We conclude the cleaning with hot steaming. The primary purpose of hot steaming is to disintegrate any previously unseen dirt and surface germs. After hot steaming, another inspection is done to ensure that we missed nothing, and if we did, proactive measures are taken to eradicate it.

From this step by step guide, it's evident that we take our job seriously, and we take pride in being thorough and detail-oriented. However, this isn't all you can look forward to when you hire expert cleaner.

A Team of Professionals

Our services are provided by a team of professionals who have relevant experience in this field. Our professionals are highly trained to carry out their jobs effectively and efficiently. They are versed in innovative and industrial technology and use them to do their job and improve the overall quality and appearance of your mattress. Our Carpet Cleaner London  team is trained on how to remove stains and smells that emanate from sweat, dirt, and oil as well as germs, and allergens that pose health threats and risks to you and your family.

Safe Procedures

House mites don't just stay in the mattress; they can also be found in pillows, toys, sheets and carpets. We recommend that you wash your sheets once a week and steam clean your carpets regularly. Avoid excess humid temperatures in the house, because parasites and germs thrive in humid temperatures. Children can't clean their mattresses themselves, so ensure that this is done for them.

It's pertinent to note that our products are eco-friendly and completely harmless, but still powerful in eliminating toxic germs and parasites.

Customer Testimonials

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Please don't wait until your mattress is uncomfortable and unfit for use before calling us. If the natural colours of the mattress are beginning to change or odours emanate from it, put a call to us right away for analysis and consultation. Our prices are pocket friendly, so you wouldn't have to worry about the cost of cleaning your mattress.

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