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The Best Ways to Clean Sofa
Jan 19,2021

The Best Ways to Clean Sofa

Selecting an attractive sofa to fit into your home decor is just as important as being able to keep it clean. The couch is essential to the overall aesthetics of your living room, and because it is used often, it can easily get dirty. Add children or pets around the home into the equation; then you will get a very messy sofa very quickly.

Whilst taking care of the floor, kitchen counter or other domestic areas in the home might seem relatively easy, sofa cleaning requires more attention as it can be quite tasking.  You don’t have to worry anymore as we gathered a few helpful tips on how to care for your sofa effectively.

Tips on Keeping Your Sofa Clean

The difficulty that accompanies cleaning your furniture is often caused by the kind of material used in covering it. Coupled with this, sofas, especially the very large ones, have many turns and folds that can hide dirt or debris making cleaning quite tedious.

It is pretty obvious that cleaning your home furniture is not a walk in the park; nonetheless, it is a very doable exercise. Here are a few tips you can use to best clean your sofa.

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners do not only work on floors but on other surfaces, one of which is your furniture. It can efficiently remove dirt or debris on your couch or in the corners. You can go the extra mile by using a brush and dustpan to get an excellent result. Before you vacuum your sofa, remove as many things as you possibly can from it. This will allow the vacuum to cover all areas.

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s manual

Like many other products, the sofa manufacturer’s manual provides information on how best to clean your couch. In some cases, water is recommended and is often denoted with the letter “W”. Solvent material, “S”, is another recommendation a manufacturer could give for cleaning the sofa. A combination of water and solvent material for cleaning the sofa is shown as “S and W”.

  1. Spray cleaning

This is another method of cleaning your furniture that involves the use of water and liquid soap. The water is mixed with a few drops of the liquid soap in a spraying bottle, and the mixture is sprayed on the sofa to clean it. If the sofa is not very dirty, you only need 2 or 3 drops of the liquid soap. A very dirty sofa would require more drops to properly clean it.

  1. For polyester fibre materials

Sofas with micro-suede fabric are much easier to clean but require carefulness while doing so. This kind of material does not get dirty very easily, but when they do, a little water and liquid soap can do the job. You have to ensure you use a small quantity of water, as too much water can soak into the material and give rise to fungi growth, which is harmful to your couch. Only spray the affected part of the couch that needs to be cleaned.

  1. Don’t postpone cleaning

It is vital to state that stains on the sofa should be cleaned immediately they occur. Leaving a stain on your sofa can have damaging effects as the stains could spread to other areas of the sofa. Use a clean sponge or soft brush, preferably to get rid of the stain.

  1. Get professional assistance

Another good option is to employ the services of a professional cleaning company in cleaning your furniture. In as much as DIY sofa cleaning might seem like a good option, you can’t overlook the services of a professional. Professional cleaners are equipped with the necessary skills and equipment required to clean your home furniture.

  1. Properly dry your sofa

Once you are done with cleaning your sofa, do not sit on it immediately. Leave for a while to dry properly before using it again.

Sofas come in various sizes and materials, each one having its unique benefits. For some sofas, the kind of fabric used to cover them enables them to be resistant to stains and spills. These are the best kind of sofas to have as they will not get dirty easily. The common cleansing agents for almost all types of furniture are water and liquid soap or detergent. You can also add a little vinegar or baking soda to the water for optimal results. Do not use too much soap if your sofa is not very dirty and ensure the water doesn’t soak into the couch as that could lead to other problems. A simple dab with a soft brush or towel on the affected area will do. Vacuuming your couch is another excellent way to clean it.  

Employing the assistance of professional cleaning services like Carpet Cleaner London is one of the best ways to give your sofa the cleaning it requires. Whichever method of cleaning you choose, once you have the necessary equipment, you are good to go. Be sure to factor in the type of material when selecting a cleaning technique.