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How To Elongate The Lifespan of Your Carpets
Oct 28,2020

How To Elongate The Lifespan of Your Carpets

It is the desire of every homeowner to maintain the pristine and sleek appearance of their carpet just as it was when they first got it. The reason for this is simple: carpets are typically costly. However, it is also commonly known that using any kind of chemical agent contributes to the shortage of your carpet's lifespan.

Discolouration is the most common effect, while more serious cases would be flattening or damaging the texture of your carpet fibres. For expert carpet cleaner, do ensure you call on the professionals.

Cleaning a carpet with a vacuum cleaner

Do you know that using a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet can also cause significant damage to the carpet? Quite surprising, right? Many people do not know this, but then the fibres can easily be broken, particularly if you're using more powerful machinery. So you return from work one evening, and you figure out your carpet does not look or feel the same way anymore - it's thinner, looking faded, and less attractive. How can you handle such a situation?

Actually, it's most advisable not to allow your carpet to reach this stage in the first place. And this does not imply that you quit cleaning your carpet at all! Rather, it is best to employ recommended carpet cleaning practices to prevent the accumulation of debris in your carpet.

Below, we have explained what these best practices are. These tips, compiled by our experienced and professional carpet technicians at Carpet Cleaner London, will guarantee an extension in the lifespan of your carpets.

Best Tips for Carpet Cleaning at Home

  • Get a foot mat

    Every home entrance should have a door or foot mat. This unique "barrier" is the solution to reducing the amount of sand particles and tiny pieces of dirt that would otherwise dwell in your carpets. We also recommend that you place such kind of mat in the entrance to your kitchen. By doing this, you will not spread food remnants or spices in the other rooms. Ideally, it is recommended to get a mat that is made of coconut fibre, with a length of 4 feet at least. This will make it easier for you to wipe your feet, slippers, or shoes before you enter. You or your visitors would thus be able to step on the carpets without causing damage to them.
  • Have a "no shoes" policy

    It's always delightful to see homeowners that strictly adhere to the "no shoes" principle inside their rooms. This policy is an effective strategy to safeguard your carpets from debris and dirt. However, you should keep in mind that you can wear slippers instead. Walking around in socks alone is not an alternative at all. This is because the threads and fibres from socks can easily be caught in the carpets and on the mat, and this may result in more troubles than walking in shoes.

    Moreover, if the socks threads are not removed immediately, it would be difficult to remove them from the carpet later. We're sure you wouldn't want a carpet with reduced integrity and a couple of holes all over. Or would you?

    Also, you need to be very mindful when the rain is pouring outside. A doormat may not protect your carpet from dirt in such instance. And when sands particles bury themselves deep inside your carpet, they would break the carpet fibres. And although we mentioned earlier that vacuum cleaners have the potential to damage carpet fibres too, you would have to use them regularly to extract sand particles from your carpet.

    Additionally, a very beneficial practice is to turn your rug and clean the backside with a vacuum cleaner. Have you tried doing this before? If you haven't, then you should! You'll be surprised by the large volume of dirt you will clean from there.
  • How to handle spillages on the carpet

    In the event of spillages, like coffee or wine spills, it is best to always treat them immediately. Be sure to use an absorbent material without rubbing it on the affected area. Keep in mind that the longer the stain stays, the more damage it causes to the carpet fibres. Moreover, you would not only be battling with one ugly stain eventually, but it is also going to be probably sticky and gather more debris.

    In such a case where the stain has already stayed too long and seems to be permanent already, it is advisable to first resort to natural ingredients like white wine, vinegar, baking soda etc., to wipe them out immediately.
  • Try using scotchguard

    Have you tried using Scotchguard to cover the entire surface of your carpet? This is an effective way to protect your carpet, and the best part is no one will actually notice it. You stand to gain a lot by doing this. For starters, if you constantly apply it right from when you purchased the carpet, you will find that the colours will be protected so much that they retain their original hue even after several years.

    To give you a practical illustration of how Scotchguard works: do you know how a liquid spills on a smooth floor without being absorbed? That is exactly what happens when you protect your carpet with Scotchguard. You will no longer need to go crazy when a beverage spills on your carpet.

Do you want a professional to handle your carpet cleaning for you?

Finally, our last tip is that you should hire a professional carpet cleaning agency at least twice every year. The cleaning results that would be achieved with a professional will greatly surpass those realised when you use a carpet cleaning product or a vacuum cleaner. This is why we highly recommend you call Carpet Cleaner London today for professional carpet cleaning services that will extend the lifespan of your carpets.