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Cost of Professional Carpet Cleaning
Mar 04,2021

Cost of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet often is necessary if you want to prolong your carpet's lifespan and keep it attractive. Most times, a vacuum cleaner will not remove the dirt on the carpet to keep it clean. Without a more powerful carpet cleaning machine, dirt and dust will accumulate between the carpet fibres. You would also have stains from accidents and spills, especially if you have pets and kits at home.

Your carpet will look old and need replacement over time, but you may opt for a professional carpet cleaning instead of spending a lot on a new carpet. A deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner will raise the flattened carpet fibres, remove stain, dirt and dust, which will make your carpet look new again.

  • Removing carpet fibres
  • To ensure your carpet is clean, you need to use carpet shampoo and vacuum the carpet. Carpet cleaning involves different steps.

The first step is removing large particles and dirt from the carpet by thoroughly vacuuming the carpet, then using an industrial machine to spray a cleaning shampoo and hot water piles into the carpet fibres.

The next step involves using the cleaning head of the machine to agitate the carpet fibres. This helps loosen the accumulated dirt before sucking up the water and dirt. After the first cleaning, you should clean the carpet again without the cleaning shampoo to ensure the carpet is clean.

The last step is the rinsing stage which involves sucking up the remaining dirt from the carpet and removing shampoo.

  • Saving cost in carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is affordable compared to what you would spend on getting a new carpet. However, if your budget is small and you want to carry out your carpet cleaning, you would spend a lot of time cleaning your carpet.

You can purchase or hire a carpet cleaning machine available in different stores in the UK. Hiring a carpet cleaning machine for 24 hours cost about £20 - £28. You can also get a carpet shampoo for about £15. However, professional carpet cleaning may be the best option to avoid damaging your carpet.

The average cost of carpet cleaning

A professional carpet cleaning does not cost much. Although you can clean your carpet yourself if you put in a considerable amount of time but, you should contact a professional when you want to clean the carpets in your entire house. You can get different quotes from serval carpet cleaning to compare the cost.

The cost of carpet cleaning in most regions in London is about the same. Most companies will provide a cleaning quote based on the size and type of room. You may also find carpet cleaning companies that break down the cleaning cost into the areas needed to clean, like large rooms, staircase, and small bedrooms.

The following are the average costs of cleaning some rooms in a home.

  • Single room- £39
  • Hallway- £25
  • One fly stairs- £39
  • Two bedrooms- £89
  • Three bedrooms- £109
  • One bedroom- £69

Other considerations for the cost of carpet cleaning

Certain factors affect your carpet cleaning cost, so you have to consider these things when you contact a professional carpet cleaner. They include:

  • Minimum charges

    Cleaning a single room may not be advisable because most companies have a higher minimum charge. It is usually cheaper and better to clean your entire house at once instead of hiring a cleaner to clean one room.
  • Stubborn stains

    Removing stubborn stains on a carpet takes more time and effort, increasing the cost of carpet cleaning. When requesting quotes, ensure you mention the stains on your carpet to avoid the unexpected extra cost.
  • Removing furniture

    A carpet cleaning company will likely charge more if they have to move your furniture before cleaning your carpet. Some companies might not move your furniture to clean your carpet or ask you to move the furniture if they did not factor in furniture removal to give you a quote. Before you settle for a carpet cleaning company, ask their requirement for moving furniture before cleaning.

Generally, professional carpet cleaning cost is affordable, so you don't have to put off your carpet cleaning. You may spend less than £200 when you want to clean three bedrooms, stairs, hallway, and reception area.

If you need a reliable carpet cleaning company offering affordable carpet cleaning services, contact Carpet Cleaner London today on 020 7183 4119.