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Professional Curtain Cleaning in London

Curtains are one of the most ignored materials in a building. Despite their irreplaceable roles of protecting your windows from external view, harsh weather conditions and excessive lighting, and also their aesthetic roles of adding texture to a room, a lot of people ignore them. Contrary to what you might be thinking, the curtains are one of the initial things that are noticed in a home. Your curtain has a lot to say about your personality. So when last did you clean your curtains?

Not to worry, your solution is right here. Carpet Cleaning London is your curtain cleaning plug. We have experts that have a lot of experience about curtains. We can help you determine the best cleaning method for your curtains, and get the curtains fresh and sparkling in no time. You only need to contact us, and we will be in touch.

We have the time dedicated to keeping your curtains clean. If you are struggling with managing the family and work, and have absolutely no spare time for the quite tedious job of cleaning your curtains, then you only need to contact us. We have equipment that simplifies the job, and with our existing knowledge in the field, we are confident that we will be done in no time.

Customer Testimonials

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rating star icon2 LondonI called on Carpet Cleaner London for getting my carpets and rugs cleaned. I am so satisfied with their quality and on-time services. They have done a wonderful job. I would like to recommend them to all my family and friends!

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rating star icon LondonOne of my friends suggested me to contact Carpet Cleaner London and I’m glad for his recommendation. All the cleaning personnel are so polite, helpful and professional. They do an excellent job at an affordable price. Many thanks!

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Methods of curtain cleaning

There are two major methods for cleaning curtains, they include;

1. Dry cleaning system

As the name implies, this method involves cleaning the curtains without water. This is suitable for curtain fabrics that are very sensitive, and do not thrive with water. Some fabrics will be damaged when water is used to clean them, so the best way to clean them is by using dry cleaning. Note, however, that this method is very delicate, and so requires the right skills to pull it off.

2. Wet/Deep cleaning

This method uses a lot of water to complete its function. It uses high steam pressure to clean the fabric, eliminating every dirt and germ from the roots to the surface of the fabric. This method is very effective for removing stains despite how long they have stayed.

Why choose us?

Why trust us with your curtains? Here is a list that can convince you;

  • We take our values very seriously: As a company, we have a set of values, and we ensure that our services exude these values. We are dedicated to completing our job to the satisfaction of our customers. We consider your satisfaction above every other factor, and this is what we provide.
  • We are highly skilled: Years of experience in this sector has sharpened our skills to the extent that we can confidently say that we will get every kind of stain out of your curtains. We will restore the brightness to your dull drapes, and ensure that we leave them in great condition.
  • We use the twin system vacuum method for cleaning your curtains.
  • Our cleaning method is uniquely tailored to suit your curtains.
  • We also have a maintenance plan that we can easily rope you into. Too busy to notice dirt? Don’t worry; our plan will give you a specific cleaning routine.
  • We are firm believers of the high-quality principle. We ensure that the materials, equipment and skills we employ are of the best quality.
  • After the cleaning process, we will apply some sprays that can help control the infestation of mites on the curtains.
  • We have a very customer-friendly pricing system.

Customer Testimonials

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rating star icon LondonI need a reliable carpet cleaning company in London who can perform regular cleaning of the carpets and rugs. I found Carpet Cleaner London the perfect choice for my needs. Highly recommended!

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rating star icon LondonWe are always in need for a good carpet cleaning service in London for our office block. We have worked with Carpet Cleaner London and find that they really offer excellent service as well as value for money.

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What should you do now?

You have a small part to play in bringing all of these to fruition. Pick up your phone and call us on 020 71834119 now. We will send you a quote, schedule an appointment with you and be with you to keep your curtains clean. Call us today and let us get started.